V5 IT SOLUTION is a Delhi- grounded dealer of refurbished laptops. This Sequestration Policy is applicable to all of V5 IT Solution websites and operations.

Then, we've talked about how V5 IT Solution collects and utilizes the information and data handed by its clients. V5 IT SOLUTION takes good care of all the particular information and respects the sequestration of the clients.

V5 IT Solution might shoot periodic emails to the druggies about any new information or offers in the company. Notices for pending conditioning, new service features, operation tips,etc. may also be a part of similar emails.

V5 IT SOLUTION uses the collected stoner information for the following executive purposes

  1. To examine the database of the company and resolve inaccuracy, if any
  2. To go through with the billing process

You can also approach your personal information and review or make updates where and when it’s necessary. In order to do this, you can visit your profile on the V5 IT Solution website.

At V5 IT Result, we take proper measures to cover our buyers’ information from unauthorized access, and maintain the delicacy of the entered data. We make sure that the customer data is used correctly and isn't exploited at any cost.

Technology and programs change continuously. So we reserve the right to modify, add or cancel parts of our Sequestration Policy whenever necessary, without previous notice. In order to stay over-to- date with our blueprint, please visit this folio regularly.

Feel free to Communicate V5 IT SOLUTION for any other information.

Replacement & Refund Policy

We are providing the best quality product , we believe in our services & product quality.If customers face issues within 7 days & they will not be happy with our product, here is an option available for replacement policy. Clients can take this option which is a 7 days replacement policy but a refund option is not available.